Invited Speakers:

Umberto Celano, IMEC, Belgium, “Nanoscale Electrical Characterization of Low Dimensional Materials for Electronics”

Jean-Christophe Charlier, UCL, Belgium, "Optical Hall effect, Veselago lensing and superlattices in graphene"

Ramón Cuscó, Institut Jaume Almera (ICTJA-CSIC), Spain, "Isotope effects on the intra- and inter-layer phonons in layered van der Waals crystals: influence on the h-BN phonon lifetimes"

Andrea Latgé, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil,  "Strained graphene in the quantum Hall Regime: valley splitting and extra conducting channels"

Caio Lewenkopf, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil,  "Backscattering due to defects in the topological insulator phase induced by adatoms in graphene"

James A. Lott,  Technische Universität Berlin, Germany, "Nanostructured vertical cavity surface emitting lasers"

Marcel Mayor, University of Basel, Switzerland, "Integrated Single-Molecule Devices"

Simón Oyarzún, USACH, Chile, "Spin pumping and spin-orbit effects in Ge"

Mickael Perrin, EMPA, Switzerland, "Device integration of atomically precise graphene nanoribbons"

María José SánchezCentro Atómico Bariloche, Argentina, "Quantum control of qubits based on solid state superconducting devices"

Ivan Schuller, UCSD, USA, "Coercivity increase due to chiral magnetic order in 1D iron chains"

Jutta Schwarzkopf, Leibniz-Institute for Crystal Growth, Berlin, Germany, "Impact of strain on nanoscale domains in KxNa1-xNbO3 ferroelectric thin films"

Gonzalo Usaj, Centro Atómico Bariloche, Argentina, "Building topological properties in artificial quantum systems"

Sergio Ulloa, Ohio University, USA, “Edges and interfaces in 2D materials: novel 1D tunable physical platforms”

H. S. J. Van der Zant, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, “Quantum transport phenomena in three-terminal, single-molecule junctions”

Latha Venkataraman, Columbia University, USA.

M. W. Wu, Hefei National Laboratory of Physical Sciences at Microscale, China, “Gauge-invariant microscopic kinetic theory of superconductivity"

Zeila Zanolli, ICN2, Spain, "Ab initio exciton and phonon dynamics in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides"


Tentative Schedule


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